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Token Dispenser CP-555 / Token Acceptor CP-655


Token Dispenser CP-555 / Token Acceptor CP-655

LKR 60,000.00 LKR 55,000.00

Features of Entry / Exit Stations:

  • High resolution 7” LED color display with good readability under any light conditions.
  • Dispense / Accepts Token (Chip coin)
  • Supports multi-language user interface.
  • Display can be customized to play video commercials & voice prompts.


One of the best way to solve parking related issues and to improve motorists experience is new generation chipcoin based parking management system. It is extremely required in metropolitan areas to allot parking spaces to the visitors. Most of the existing parking areas offer restricted spaces to park and limited or no facilities at all to control vehicle movement.

CASS has developed advanced chip coin based parking management system (PMS) is primary demand in almost all urban cities to manage and identify vehicles in parking facilities. It is one of the prior need of every vehicle owner to park their vehicle in a safe and secure parking area. To resolve the problem of parking security CASS’s new generation coin based parking system allows you to identify and authorize the vehicle at both entry and exit points.



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