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Ticket Dispenser CP-510 / Acceptor CP-610


Ticket Dispenser CP-510 / Acceptor CP-610

LKR 50,000.00 LKR 43,000.00

Features of Entry / Exit Stations:

  • High resolution 7” LED color display with good readability under any light conditions.
  • Ticket reading – Maxi-code, QR Code, Barcode
  • Supports multi-language user interface.
  • Display can be customized to play video commercials & voice prompts.
  • Customizable – supports both ticket roll & fanfold tickets.
  • High ticket capacity with small form factor.


Entry station CP-510 and Exit Station CP-610 are specially designed for those who are looking for smart parking management systems. CASS PMS system is one of the unbeatable approach to resolve parking associated complication and complexity in parking solutions.

CASS PMS equipment’s are designed with highly durable material which is both sleek and elegant that helps blend all types of architecture. These systems come with an advanced thermal printing technology, color multi-media display and intelligent controller that helps provide a fast and smooth operation for entries and exits for both occasional users and permit holders.


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