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Ticket Dispenser CP-500 / Acceptor CP-600


Ticket Dispenser CP-500 / Acceptor CP-600

LKR 65,000.00 LKR 57,000.00


  • High resolution display with good readability under any light conditions
  • Large 7” color LED screen with multimedia graphics with RGB illuminated front panel
  • Can be customized to play video commercials and voice prompts
  • Supports multi-language user interface
  • Access rights verification
  • Short term & Season parker handling


Parking management system is mostly used to regulate the parking which helps to generate additional revenue & at the same time enhances customer experience.

CASS offers a wide range of Ticket based Parking management systems which comprises of a customizable LED / LCD displays. Gen 1 series entry / exit machines comes with 7” color multimedia display.

Gen 1 series with 7” color multimedia display can play customized audio / video messages & also can be preprogrammed to provide multilingual voice prompts during operation.  CASS parking systems can be programmed to supports offline and stand-alone features.


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