Structured Cabling, Data Networking

Structured cabling, data networking, telecommunications installations

Structured Cabling, Data Networking, Telecommunications Installations

We do design and implement simple point-to-point networks to multi building\campus-wide structured cabling installations with UTP, STP, FTP and Fiber Optic cables. we always concerns the highest availability and reliability of what we deliver and keen on your infrastructure ready for next level always with minimal impact. nowadays almost all the services are ready to operate on single Ethernet Network platform where saves extra cabling costs and time to implement.

A functioning network and data communications solution is nowadays mission critical for businesses. High demands are set on the quality, capacity and availability of a network in order for businesses to be able to work in a shared IT-environment and over the Internet. carefully designed and implemented passive network infrastructure is a greater asset for a company to utilize over decade. we deliver 20 year OEM guarantee for a structured cabling solutions done with selected brands.

With our structured solutions, you may operate your Data, Voice, IP CCTV, Access control and numerous other service over single UTP Network and extend those networked services securely virtually all over the world.

We implement Analog of Digital Voice solutions for your enterprise. We undertake to implement conventional Analog cat.3 voice solutions to hybrid PABX, Voice over IP networks(VoIP) installations for your communications requirements.

We provides an on-site consultation where we evaluate your current network, assess your ongoing business needs, and then make recommendations for optimization and security. Contact our Technical team to set up a personal consultation.